Your Photographer

Jim Weston

Photographer/Licensed FAA UAC        Commercial Drone Pilot

Starting in my mid teens, I picked up photography from my  sister Julie, who, was taking a class in high school. Looking at all the magic that was within different styles of photography (night shots, double exposures, long exposures etc.) I was hooked.


Being self taught and working with a Canon AE1, I went through hundreds of rolls of film perfecting my style in photography into my latter 20s until I just couldn't juggle a full time job, photography and raising kids at the same time. Making the choice between not putting the camera down and raising a family was a no brainer and my longing to continue my photography slowly diminished as my children grew older, but never went away completely.


Years later, I picked up photography again and like the kind, old, missing friend, it took right back to me. It took me a little while to relearn the settings and adjust to working with digital cameras, but with a little outside help and a lot of encouragement from my friends, I mastered it again. 


My Canon AE1 is gone now, I gave that to a young and budding photographer living in Uruguay. I still use my minolta Maxxim 7000 every now and then because unlike digital, film has it's own type of warmth and sharpness (not to mention the anticipation you get while waiting for the film to be developed.) 


In the last 4 years, I have accumulated several pieces of high end photography and video equipment. I've scouted locations, started shooting landscapes, people and events. I wanted to dive right back into what I've missed all these years and perhaps should have made a career out of. 


I still own and partner with another business, but that won't stop me from making a balanced effort at running them both. I have a sincere dedication to both my photography and Escape Room Business.


Ariel photography is another sect of the art I have taken in and I have obtained my FAA part 107 UAC Commercial Drone Pilot's License. I look forward to honing my skills as a pilot and advance in this ever growing, new field of photography.


My hobby has now become my passion.